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EnviReform: Strengthening Canada's Environmental Community through International Regime Reform:
Exploring Social Cohesion in a Globalizing Era

Book Announcement, Title #1

Linking Trade, Environment, and Social Cohesion: NAFTA Experiences, Global Challenges

Edited by John Kirton, University of Toronto, and Virginia Maclaren, University of Toronto.

An indispensable reference guide with four main purposes:

  • the assessment of the promise of NAFTA institutions to provide direct civil society participation;
  • the identification of the ways in which the NAFTA model might be improved;
  • an exploration of the NAFTA regime with regard to the environmental and social impacts; and
  • an evaluation of experience and improvement of NAFTA and how it might assist the broader international community.

Contributors come from all three NAFTA signatories and a wide range of experience and konwledge to the subject. Among them:

  • Gustavo Alanis, Centro Mexicano de Derecho Ambiental
  • Kevin Banks, Commission for Labour Cooperation
  • William Dymond, Centre for Trade Policy and Law
  • Sanford Gaines, University of Houston Law Center
  • Pierre Marc Johnson, Heenan Blaikie
  • Sylvia Ostry, University of Toronto
  • Julie Soloway, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP
  • Christopher Tollefson, Sierra Legal Defence Fund
  • Scott Vaughan, Commission for Environmental Cooperation
  • Konrad von Moltke, Dartmouth College

For more information or to order a copy, please visit http://www.ashgate.com.

Book Announcement, Title #2

Shaping a New International Financial System: Challenges of Governance in a Globalizing World. The G8 and Global Governance Series.

Authors: Karl Kaiser, John J. Kirton and Joseph P. Daniels, eds.
Publisher: Aldershot, Eng.: Ashgate, 2000.
List Price: $74.95 Hardback. Available from Ashgate ( www.ashgate.com/html/authorservices3.html)
ISBN: 0-7546-1412-3
Pages: 302


Part I: The Crisis and its Legacies:

  1. Introduction: Shaping a new international financial system: contributions and challenges.
  2. The G7 Summit's contribution: past, present and prospective;
  3. The Asian crisis and its implications;
  4. The G7, international finance and developing countries;
  5. The dynamics of G7 leadership in crisis response and system reconstruction;

Part II: Constructing the New System:

  1. Transparentizing the global money business: Glasnost or just another wild card in play?;
  2. Global capital markets: maximising benefits, minimising risk;
  3. The new financial architecture for the global economy;
  4. The role of the International Monetary Fund as lender of last resort;

Part III: The Broader Issues:

  1. Practicing exchange rate flexibility;
  2. Can small countries keep their own money and floating exchange rates?;
  3. From globalization to regionalism: the foreign direct investment dimension of international finance;
  4. Challenges and contributions to the conventional wisdom;

Appendix: strengthening the international financial architecture report of G7 finance ministers to the Köln Economic Summit;

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