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The Research Team

Principal Investigator

Professor John Kirton, Political Science, International Relations


Professor Stephen Clarkson, Political Science

Professor Harriet Friedmann, Sociology

Professor Peter Hajnal, Information Studies, International Studies

Professor Virginia Maclaren, Geography, Environmental Studies

Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Economics, International Studies

Professor Louis Pauly, Political Science, International Studies

Professor Chris Tollefson, Law (University of Victoria)

Professor Michael Trebilcock, Law

Research Collaborators

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Professor Hevina Dashwood, Political Science, International Relations

Professor Alan Rugman, Management Studies, Oxford University, Indiana University

Dr. Julie Soloway, Law

EnviReform Information Centre Manager

Gina Stephens, Political Science, International Relations

The Partner Institutions

Canadian Auto Workers

Conseil Patronat de l'environnement du Québec


Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD) Canada

North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Pollution Probe

Sierra Legal Defence Fund

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