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Alan M. Rugman, Activities Report 2000
Thames Water Fellow in Strategic Management
Templeton College, University of Oxford

Books/Monographs/Publications in Series

Rugman, Alan. (2000). The end of globalization. New York: Random House.

Rugman, Alan & D'Cruz, Joseph R. (2000). Multinationals as Flagship Firms: Regional business networks. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Rugman, Alan, Kirton, John & Soloway, Julie. (1999). Environmental regulations and corporate strategy: A NAFTA perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Journal Articles

Rugman, Alan M. (1999). Forty years of the theory of the transnational corporation. Transnational Corporations, 8(2), 51-70.

Rugman, Alan M. & Kirton, John. (1999). NAFTA, environmental regulations and international business strategies. Global Focus: An International Journal of Business, Economics and Social Policy 11(4), 33-47.

Rugman, Alan M. & Kirton, John. (1998). Multinational enterprise strategy and the NAFTA trade and environment regime. Journal of World Business, 33(4), 438-454.

Rugman, Alan M. & Kirton, John. (1998). Regional environmental impacts of NAFTA on the automotive sector. Canadian Journal of Regional Science, 21(2), 227-254.

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