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EnviReform: Strengthening Canada's Environmental Community through International Regime Reform:
Exploring Social Cohesion in a Globalizing Era


Advancing the Debate on WTO Processes and Organization
Commonwealth Trade Congress
30-31 May 2000, London

Perspectives on the Evolution of the Global Trading System
John Deutsh Institute
Money, Markets and Mobility
Celebrating the Ideas and Influence of the 1999 Nobel Laureate Robert A. Mundell
Queen's University May 24-25, 2000

The Multilateral Trading System 2 *This copy submitted to publishers.
Preliminary Draft
Oxford Handlbook of International Business - Oxford University Press - (forthcoming)

WTO: Institutional Design for Better Governance
Efficiency, Equity and Legitimacy:
The Multilateral Trading System at the Millennium
Kennedy School, Harvard - June 2-3, 2000

The Uruguay Round North-South Grand Bargain: Implications for Future Negotiations, The Political Economy of International Trade Law
University of Minnesota - September 15-16, 2000

Business, Trade and the Environment
The Second Environment Summit Confederation of Indian Industry
New Delhi, India - October 10-11, 2000

May 1999 - December 2000

Jan. 20-21, Roundtable on Trade and Coherence, Ottawa
Jan. 27-Feb. 1, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, Davos, Switzerland
Feb. 17, Oxford University Conference, Oxford, UK
Mar. 3-13, Taipei Economic Conference, Taipei, China
Mar. 17-19, CIIA-2000 National Foreign Policy Conference, Toronto
April 5, Economic Strategy Inst.- Study on Collective Bargaining and Labor Rights in the Global Trading System, Washington
May 5-7, The Canadian Ditchley Foundation International Impact and Accountability of NGO's, London, England
May 24-25, John Deutsch Inst., "Money, Markets and Mobility" Celebrating the Ideas and Influence of the 1999 Nobel Laureate Robert A. Mundell, Queens Univ., Kingston
May 30-31, Commonwealth Trade Congress, London, England
June 1-2, JFK School of Government, Conference Honoring Professor Raymond Vernon, Cambridge, MA
June 16-17, Inter-American Dialogue - Linowitz Forum, Washington
June 29, Global Governance: Environment and Trade, Toronto
Sept. 15-16, Hudec Retirement, Univ. of Minnesota Law School, The Political Economy of International, Trade Law, Minnesota
Oct. 10-11, 2nd Environment Summit-The Business Sustainability Conference, New Delhi
Oct. 20-21, Inst. Of Asian Research: Asia in the World Trading System, Vancouver
Nov. 30-Dec. 1, National Policy Research Conference, Ottawa

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