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Faculty of Law, University of Toronto

Teaching Activities

From October to December, 1999, I was on leave from the University of Toronto Law School and taught for seven weeks as a Global Law Professor at New York University Law School, where I taught seminars on International Trade Regulation and Law and Development. I have recently been apointed a permanent member of the NYU Law School's Global Faculty. In second term, I taught the same two courses at the University of Toronto Law School and chaired most of the Law and Economics Workshops sessions. During this past year, two of my doctoral students, Julie Soloway, and Michal Gal, successfully defended their theses on Trade and the Environment and Competition Policy in Small Economies respectively. Two LL.M. students under my supervision, Andrew Newcombe and Glenn Gottselig, also successfully completed their theses on "Regulatory Expropriation in International Law," and "Trade and Culture" respectively. I am currently supervising two LL.M. theses, by Magda Nicola and Phillip Brooks, and one SJD thesis by Todd Weiler.

Administrative Duties

I served on the Hiring Committee this past year. I also continue to direct the Law & Economics Programme. I am also a member of the Connaught Committee. Between February and November of 1999, I served as a member of the Presidential Search Committee, which met frequently over this period. In May 2000, I was elected Secretary/Treasurer of the American Law and Economics Association (“ALEA”), which will entail my progression to Vice-President and President of the Association over the next two years (the first non-American to become President of ALEA).

Research Activities

Papers Published

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Davis, Kevin. (2001). Legal reforms and development: An overview of the evidence. Third World Quarterly, 22(1), 21-36.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J., Daniels, Ron & Thorburn, Malcolm. (2000). Government by voucher. Boston University Law Review, 80(1), 205-232.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Daniels, Ron. (2000). Electricity restructuring: The Ontario experience. Canadian Business Law Journal, 22(2), 161-192.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Winter, Ralph. (2000). The state of efficiencies in Canadian merger policy. Canadian Competition Record, 19(4), 106-113.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. (1999). Lurching around Chicago: The positive challenge of explaining the recent regulatory reform agenda. In Richard M. Bird, Michael J. Trebilcock & Thomas A. Wilson (Eds.), Rationality in public policy: Retrospect and prospect, A tribute to Douglas G. Hartle (pp. 233-272). Toronto: Canadian Tax Foundation.

Work in Progress

  • Trebilcock, Michael J., Winter, Ralph, Collins, Paul & Iacobucci, Edward. (Forthcoming). The law and economics of Canadian competition policy (working title). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. (2000, March). Mostly smoke and mirrors: NGOs and the WTO. Paper presented at the International Conference at New York University commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Library of Congress, New York.

  • Soloway, Julie & Trebilcock, Michael. (2000, February). Trade policy and food safety: The case for deference by the WTO under the SPS Agreement. Paper presented at the University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, IL. Will appear in a volume of essays in honour of Robert Hudec.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Daniels, Ron. (Forthcoming). Government by voucher (working title).

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Davis, Kevin. (Forthcoming). Ethnicity and development (working title). Georgetown Journal of Law and Policy in International Business.

  • Trebilcock, Michael J. & Davis, Kevin. (1999, November). Law, institutions and development. Presented at "Second Generation Reforms" IMF Conference, Washington, D.C. Currently under revision with a view to producing a book length manuscript

Consulting Activities

My consulting activities over the past year have been quite modest and have been almost entirely channeled through Charles River Associates. I estimate that I have spent about four hours a week on paid consulting activities. These mainly related to Competition Policy and Regulatory issues.

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