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EnviReform: Strengthening Canada's Environmental Community through International Regime Reform:
Exploring Social Cohesion in a Globalizing Era

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Generating Effective Global Environmental Governance: Canada's 2002 Challenge by John Kirton for the CIIA's 2001 National Foreign Policy Conference
 * more info

The CIIA's 2001 National Foreign Policy Conference: The Environmental Balance Sheet: Red or Green? 26-28 October, 2001 - Chateau Laurier, Ottawa
 * website, http://ciia.org/fpc2001.htm

An Assessment of Citizen Submissions to the NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation by Edelgard Mahant Glendon College (York University)
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Reports on the Couchiching 70th Annual Summer Conference 2001
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Professor Stephen Clarkson, Co-Investigator, Political Science

Professor John Kirton, Principal Investigator, Political Science, International Relations (curriculum vitae)

Professor Harriet Friedmann, Co-Investigator, Sociology

Professor Peter Hajnal, Co-Investigator, Information Studies, International Studies

Professor Virginia Maclaren, Geography, Environmental Studies

Dr. Sylvia Ostry, Co-Investigator, Economics, International Studies

Professor Louis Pauly, Co-Investigator, Political Science, International Studies (curriculum vitae)

Professor Chris Tollefson, Co-Investigator, Law (University of Victoria)

Professor Michael Trebilcock, Co-Investigator, Law (curriculum vitae)

Professor Alan Rugman, Research Collaborator, Management Studies (Indiana University)

Dr. Julie Soloway, Research Collaborator, Law

Gina Stephens, EnviReform Information Centre Manager, Political Science, International Relations

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